Distinguished Lecture Series

The various Departments in the Faculty of Social Science each represent a unique avenue of research. The Departments bring some of the most respected researchers to Western University.

Each lecture series provides students, faculty and staff insight into research and issues in their respective disciplines.


Spence Lecture -  http://anthropology.uwo.ca/about_us/events/index.html


McCaffrey Seminar Series -  http://www.history.uwo.ca/about_us/events/seminars_and_workshops/mccaffrey_seminar_series.html

Goodman Lecture Series -  http://history.uwo.ca/about_us/events/goodman_lectures.html

Law and Governance Conference (Bi-annual) -  http://history.uwo.ca/Conferences/law-and-governance/index.html

Talman Lecture Series (Bi-annual) -  http://www.history.uwo.ca/about_us/events/talman_lecture_series.html


Department of Psychology Colloquium Series -  http://psychology.uwo.ca/about_us/events/speakers.html


Balakrishnan Distinguished Lecture in Population Dynamics and Inequality.

Women’s Studies

Women's Studies and Feminist Research Speaker Series