Faculty of Social Science

Student Donations

The Social Science Student Donation was begun in 1996 as an initiative of the Social Science Students’ Council. Its purpose was to provide funds to the Faculty for the support of undergraduate students that would otherwise be unavailable to Social Science students. The donation allocations are recommended by the Social Science Students’ Council each Fall on the basis of requests from individual departments made each Spring.

Over the past several years, a significant fraction of the donation has been directed to the expansion of computer labs and dial-in access to the Social Science Network and Data Services. This has allowed Social Science students considerably greater access to computer facilities than are available to students in other Faculties. Other initiatives have included the purchase of audio-visual equipment for classrooms, so that instructors can take advantage of more sophisticated technology in their lectures. The funds have also been used to subsidies field camps in Geography, and expand the palaeontology collection in Anthropology. A full listing of the requests that were funded this year is listed below.

Opting out of the donation is only done on an electronic form and is only available in the month of September. If you still owed tuition by the end of November, your opt out fee would be deducted from your tuition. If not, an email would be sent to you telling you to pick up a cheque sometime around the end of November.

2014/2015 Allocations 
Support for Student Travel for Argentina Field School in 2016 $6,000
Support for the Gehman and Spence Lectures (2 speakers) in 2016


Enzymes for the Zooarcaheology Teaching Lab $1,128.00
Non-human primate (plastic) skulls for Anthro 1020E Lab sessions $1,072.00
Total  $11,127.00
The student run on‐line journal NeoAmericanist $0
The Centre for American Studies Speakers’ Series $1,200.00
Promotional materials for the undergraduate program $100.00
Trivia night student club event $500.00
Total $1,800.00
Economics Drop-In Center - SSC 3111 - Honorariums $6,400.00
Support for Career Night


Support for intro to grad school - Grad School Night event $370.00
Support for the Western Undergraduate Economics Review $750.00
Major Speaker Series - Academic/Industry $675.00
Faculty-student events $1,800.00
Western faculty lecture series $120.00
Total $11,545.00
Western Pow Wow - FNS-SSSC contribution $2,500.00
Development of FNS Native Language Centre educational activites $1,000.00
Cultural speakers and performers $1,000.00
Campus Lectures $2,000.00
Community-based class activities $2,500.00
Books, media, and teaching aids $2,000.00
Total $11,000.00
Subsidy for participants on the Geography Field Camp (Geo 3000 & 3001y)  $6,000.00
Maintenance of Physical Geography Environmental Lab and Field Equipment $2,174.98
Student printing support (1316a & 1425) $2,000.00
Guest Speakers, Professional Development, Field Trips and Speaker Series $2,000.00
Install classroom management software in computer rooms $2,200.00
Replace LCD monitors in two computer-based classrooms (1316A and 1425) $657.66
Total $15,032.64
Publishing subsidy - The Mirror $3,500.00
History Society Trip 2015 $2,300.00
Graduation celebration $1,500.00
Speakers in IR4701 $2,405.00
Undergraduate Award Reception $550.00
External Speaker Series (including Holocaust Survivor Speaker Fee) $2,750.00
International Student Conference - Ball State $2,800.00
Maintenance – Digital History Lab $500.00
Joanne Goodman Lecture - September 2015 $500.00
Total $16,805.00
DAN Program  
Student Info Corner (fourth floor near A/B elevators) $2,000.00
Guest Speakers  $4,800.00
Career Event  $6,000.00
DVDs for Classroom Use  $200.00
Computer equipment (tablets, laptops, etc.) $2,000.00
Total $15,000.00
Furnishings for Classroom SSC 4103 $0
Western Model NATO  $4,518.80
Video Signage Screen $1,500.00
Promotional Materials  $1,000.00
Undergraduate Social Contract Journal $500.00
Total $7,518.00
Speaker Series for Students $4,000.00
Educational DVDs $1,200.00
Undergraduate computing laboratory (PUCL) & classroom computers $9,800.00
Total $15,000.00
Career Night $500.00
Public Sociology $500.00
DVD's for classroom use $1,200.00
Honoraria for classroom guest lecturers $2,200.00
Honoraria and travel for guest lecturers (outside of London; 5 @ $200) $1,000.00
Noon time speaker series $2,250.00
David Milgaard (Wrongfully Convicted) talk $1,000.00
Program Nights for Sociology students $1,250.00
Undergraduate Sociology Student Association events $1,000.00
SSA Poster $100.00
Total $11,000.00
Replacement bulbs for projectors in student rooms $855.00
Crestron AM100 Wireless Media Presentation Gateway device (2) $3,500.00
Repainting student computer rooms $0
Subsidy for printing $5,000.00
HD LED 42" TV for AV cart $1,000.00
Video Projector for AV cart $2,200.00
DVD Blu Ray players for AV cart (2) $300.00
Mini desk computers for AV cart (2) $1,950.00
Document camera $500.00
Total $15,305.00
Visiting Speaker Series $4,500.00
Flaunting It! Event $1,000.00
Department conference $2,000.00
Resource materials $1,750.00
WSSC supplies $50.00
WSSC/WSFR Welcome event in fall $500.00
Alumnae panel "What do do with a WS degree?" $350.00
Information packages for undergraduate outreach $2,000.00
Total $12,150.00
Academic Conference (Conrad Black) $42,500.00
SOGS (Student Organizational Grants) $20,000.00
DOGS (Department Organizational Grants) $6,000.00
Change Camp $1,500.00
Audien concert $6,900.00