Faculty of Social Science
  • Lance Lochner is Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Human Capital and Inequality


Aaron Bengall, fist-year Master's student in Western University's Anthropology program

Aaron Bengall

Entrepreneur, artist, author, and Masters student in Anthropology

Michelle Ampadu, fourth-year student in Western University's Honors Economic program

Michelle Ampadu

Fourth-year student in the Honors Economics program, attended the One Young World Summit

Ryan Stevenson, Assistant Professor in Department of Psychology

Ryan Stevenson

Joined the Department of Psychology as Assistant Professor


  • Segregation and the Perpetuation of Poverty

    Douglas Massey, Professor of Sociology at Princeton University, spoke about segregation and the impact is has on poverty, health and economic well being of people and communities

  • Filling a gap in bird research

    It looks like an old-fashion television antenna, but a new device installed on the roof of the Social Science Centre will fill a gap in a continent-wide network used to track bird behavior and movement.

  • Creating a signature space for Social Science students

    A new space, the Social Science Student Reading Room, will open in January, providing the faculty’s large student population a modern, dedicated and quiet space to call their own.

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