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Introduction: Nineteenth Century Notes consists of a collection of informative articles that discuss the various types of artifacts archaeologists commonly uncover on 19th century Euro-Canadian sites (ie. smoking pipes, buttons, ceramics). An example is shown below followed by a complete listing of the notes and the issues of our Kewa newsletter in which they first appeared. Thecomplete set of 42 notes is now available free as a pdf by clicking here to download.

Notes Index

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(19th Century Notes 1980-1988; Author is T. Kenyon, unless otherwise noted.)

80-2 Windows Glass Thickness / Kenyon, I.
80-3 Some General Notes on 19th c. Ceramics / Kenyon, I.
80-5 Wire Fencing
80-6 Buttons from Homestead and Mill Sites
80-7 Plain Creamware
80-9 The 4-Band Fluted Pipe
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81-1 Marbles
81-3 Three Henderson Pipes
81-4 The Metal Jew's Harp
81-6 Glass Beads Pt. 1 / Kenyon, I.
81-7 Glass Beads Pt. 2 / Kenyon, I.
81-8 Canadian Motifs on Clay Pipes
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82-2 Gunflints
82-3 Fancy TD Clay Tobacco Pipes Pt. 1
82-4 Plain TD Clay Tobacco Pipes Pt. 2
82-5 Metal Sewing Thimbles
82-9 In Memory of:19th c. Gravemarkers in Haldimand County Cemeteries Pt. 
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83-1 In Memory of: Major Motifs on Headstones Pt. 2
83-2 Table Knives and Forks
83-3 In Memory of: Minor Motifs on Headstones Pt. 3
83-4 Metal Spoons
83-5 Bert Baker's Recollections of Sim's Lock Canal Circa 1900/Baker, B.
83-6 Hair Combs
83-8 Smokehouses
83-9 Human Effigy Clay Tobacco Pipes
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84-1 Jewellery
84-2 Post 1891 Clay Tobacco Pipes
84-3 Horse Harness Hardware
84-4 Horse Bits
84-5 Military Buttons from Non Military Sites
84-6 19th c. Axes
84-8 Clay Tobacco Pipes with Marked Stems
84-9 Firearms and Accessories
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85-1 Masonic Tobacco Pipes
85-2 The Log House Through Time
85-3 A Group of Singular, Unrelated Artifacts
85-4 Clasp Knives
85-5 Padlocks and Locks
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87-7 Ceramic Cups / Kenyon, I.
87-9 Royalty and Coat of Arms Pipes
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88-2 Moulded Decorations on Clay Tobacco Pipe Bowls
88-7 Pivotal Scissors
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