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1978 Title Author
78-1 Sub-Greywacke in Southern Ontario Prehistory - Fox, W
78-2 A Preliminary Report on the Archaeobotanical Remains from the DeWaele Site A Late Glen Meyer Village (AfHd-1) - Fecteau, R
78-3 Alternatives for Calculating Longhouse Floor Areas - Williamson, R.
78-6 Southwestern Ontario Radio-carbon Dates - Fox, W.
78-7 Public Excavations at the Lawson Site - Pearce, R.
78-8 The George Davidson Site: A Late Archaic "Broadpoint" Component in Southwestern Ontario - Kenyon, I.
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1979 Title Author
79-2 The Longhouse Experiment - Fecteau, R.
79-3 Lithic Tools From the Melville Site(BDHa-7) - Fox, W.
79-4 The Sub-Greywacke Lanceolate Biface in the Ausable Valley - Kenyon, I.
79-6 Archaeobotanical Remains from the Morpeth South Site (AcHk-3): A Late Archaic Site in Kent Co. Ontario - Fecteau, R.
79-8 i) An Experiment in Primitive Fire-Making, Tool and Weapon Making
ii) The Role of the Amateur Archaeologist
- Nixon, C.
- Keron, J.
79-9 i) Lithic Tools from the Haney-Cook Site (BcHb-27)
ii) SaugeenPoints
- Fox, W.
- Kenyon, I.
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1980 Title Author
80-1 Vanport - Fox, W.
80-2 i) An Index to Research Reports in Kewa: 1977-1979
ii) Nettling
- McWilliam, N.
- Fox, W.
80-3 Crawford Knoll - Kenyon, I.
80-4 Lithic Tools from the McEwen Site (BcHb-17) - Fox, W.
80-5 i) Meadowood
ii) Meadowood Cache Blades
- Kenyon, I.
- Kenyon, I.
80-6 i) Public Archaeology at Longwoods
ii)SouthwesternOntario Radio-carbon Dates II
- Williamson, R.
- Fox, W.
80-7,8 The Nomlaki and Stone Chipping - Goldschmidt, W. (reprint)
80-9 Pickering Chronology - The Uncooperative Dates - Fox,W.
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1981 Title Author
81-1 i) Making Genesee Points by the Niagara River
ii) Daniels Triangular
- Kenyon, I.
- Fox, W.
81-2 i) Meadowood Caches in Southwestern Ontario
ii) Hi-Lo
- Fox, W.
- Ellis, C.
81-3 i) Ecological Perspectives in Archaeology
ii) Nanticoke Triangular
- Fox, W.
- Fox, W.
81-4 A Lesson in History :The Archaeologist as Detective - Keron, J.
81-5 The Foliate Biface - Fox, W.
81-6 The Brian Site: A Late Prehistoric Neutral Village in Middlesex County - Keron, J.
81-7 i) The Archaeological Conservation Programme: A Quiet Success
ii) Genesse
- Fox, W.
- Kenyon, I.
81-8 i) Lithic Tools From the Villages of Cahiaque
ii) Brewerton Corner Notched
- Fox, W.
- Kenyon, I.
81-9 A Visit to the Neutrals, 1626-27 - Joseph de la Roche Daillon; Translated by Langdon, H.
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1982 Title Author
82-1 i) An Initial Report on the Dymock Village (AeHj-2)
ii) GlenMeyer Tanged-Trianular
- Fox, W.
- Fox, W.
82-2 Letter to Father Philippe Nappi, 1640 - Pierre Joseph-Marue Chaumonot; by Revel, E.
82-3 i) Edge Serration: A Protohistoric/Historic Iroquoian Tool Attribute
ii) Dewaele
- Fox, W.
- Fox, W.
82-4 A Prekiminary Report on the Carbonized Plant Remains from the Dymock Villages (AeHj-2) - Cooper, M.
82-5 i) The Foliate Biface as Knife
ii) Innes Points
- Fox, W.
- Lennox, P.
82-7, 8 The Calvert Village: Glen Meyer Community Patterns - Fox, W.
82-9 The Grimsby Cemetery - A Second Look - Kenyon, I. and W. Fox
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1983 Title Author
83-1 The Mill Stream Cluster: The Other Side of the Coin - Williamson, R.
83-2 i) Is Archaeology a Luxury Item
ii)Late Archaic Stemmed Points from the Adder Orchard Site
- Emerson, N. (reprinted)
- Kenyon, I.
83-3 i) The Harrietsville Site (AfHf-10):1981 Excavations
ii) An Initial Report on Carbonized Plant Remains from the Harrietsville Earthworks Site (AfHf-10) Midden I in North Dorchester Twp, Middlesex Co.
- Keron, J.
- Fecteau, R.
83-4 There was ah Englishman, a Scotsman and an Ireshman... - Ferris, N. and Kenyon, I.
83-5 i) Hamlets of the Lawson Site
ii) A Western Basin Middle WoodlandComponent in Southwest Kindon: The Timber Drive Site
- Pearce, R.
- Pihl, R.
83-6 Southwestern Ontario Radio-carbon dates IV - Fox, W.
83-7 The Wyoming Rapids Saugeen Component:1983 Investigations - Kenyon,I. and Fox, W.
83-8 In Case of Fire: Burned Longhouses in a Neutral Village - Warrick, G.
83-9 i) The Dick Site Investigations: 1982
ii) Dolls, Demons or Dice:An Introduction to the Savage Site Figurines
- Reid, P.
- Murphy, C
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1984 Title Author
84-1 i) A Stone Pipe from the Glebe Site (BcHb-1), Nottawasaga Township
ii) An Archaeological Survey of Middle Island, Ontario
- Gerrad, C.
- Fox, W.
84-2 i) Lithic Tools from the Young-McQueen Site (BcHb-19)
ii) Meadowood Biface Caches from Southwestern Ontario
- Fox, W.
- Fox, W.
84-3 i) A Native Ceramic Vessel from Owen Sound
ii) Was That Middleport Necked or Pound Oblique? A Study in Iroquoian Ceramic Typology
- Ravenhurst, J.
- Lennox, P. and Kenyon, I.
84-4 Sagard's "Rassade Rouge" of 1624 - Kenyon, I.
84-5 Buttons I have Known - Ferris, N.
84-5.5 i) The Pricess Point Complex: An Addendum
ii) Crowfield Fluted
- Fox, W.
- Deller, B. and Ellis, C.
84-6 i) An Early Woodland Camp on Inverhuron Bay
ii) Barnes Fluted
- Fox, W.
- Ellis, C. and Deller, B.
84-7 i) The Carolina Parakeet: Its First Appearance in Southern Ontario
ii) The Analysis of Unmarked Burials
iii) Gainey Fluted
- Prevec, R.
- Spence, M.
- Ellis, C.
84-8 Pottery From the Cooper Village Site and Ontario IroquoisDevelopment - Warrick G.
84-9 Terry Lynch: An Irish Catholic in a Protestant Township - Kenyon, I., Ferris, N., Dodd, C., and Lennox, P.
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1985 Title Author
85-1 i) Two Easy Pieces for the Microcomputer
ii) You, YourMicrocomputer, and Basic Decay
iii) The Walls that Wouldn't Be Straight
iv) StatisticalTextbooks with Computer Programs: A Short Bibliography
- Latta, M.
- Reid, P.
- Kenyon, I.
- Kenyon, I.
85-2 i) Erie Stone: A 17th Century Iroquoian Medicinal Trading Commodity
ii) The Culture History of Long Point: An Interim Report
- Hunter, J.
- Fox, W.
85-3 The Onondaga Settlement at Middleport - Kenyon, I.
85-4 i) Age and Sex Identification in the Stirrip Court Cemetery
ii) Three Unusual Broadpoints from Southwestern Ontario
- Cook, M., Gibbs, L. and Spence, M.
- Kenyon,I.
85-5 i) The Freelton/Misner Site Looting and Prosecution
ii) APreliminary Report on the Misner Cemetery Glass Beads
iii) A Note on the GlassBeads from the Freelton Village Site
- Fox, W.
- Kenyon, I.
- Kenyon, I.
85-6 Lower Cayuga Settlements Prior to 1850: Documentary Evidence - Faux, D.
85-7 Middle Iroquoian Settlement Along the Lower Nith River and HornerCreek Drainages - Nixon, C.
85-8 The 1985 Salvage Excavations at the Keffer Site: A Field Report - Finlayson, W.D., Smith, Spence, M. and Timmins, P
85-9 The Archaeology of the Southeastern Huron Basin - Deller, B., Ellis, C., and Kenyon, I.
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1986 Title Author
86-1 i) CSPMAP: A Surface Distribution Plot Program Or the Lazy Archaeologist: Why Draw up a Map When a Machine Will do it for You?
ii) Epilogue to a Prosecution
iii) The Elliott Villages (AfHc-2): An Introduction
- Keron, J.

- Fox, W.
- Fox, W.

86-2 i) Echo the Firekeeper: A 19 c. Iroquois Site
ii) The Breaks on theElliott Site
- Kenyon, I., and Kenyon, T.
- Fox, W.
86-3 i) Cylindrical Pits on the Lawson Site
ii) The Fitz Site (AgHd-9): A Late Middle Woodland Encampment, Oxford County, Ontario
- Smith, D.
- Lennox, P.
86-4 Haldimand Chert: A Preferred Raw Matterial in Southwestern Ontario During the Early Holocene Period - Parker, L.
86-5 The Embro International Airport Project: Archaeology in the Classroom - Keron, J.
86-6 A Port Colborne Archaeological Survey - Pengelly, J. and Pengelly, S.
86-7 i) A Preliminary report on the Tregunno/Carlisle Excavations
ii) Beyond the Frontier:An Early Historic Trade Axe from Kent County
iii) Holcombe
- Kenyon, I.
- Ferris, N.
- Ellis, C.
86-8 i) The Oneida of the Thames Archaeological Survey
ii) OHART Report
iii) Native Archaeology at the Oneida of the Thames Settlement
iv) History of the Grand River Reserve
- Mayer, R.
- Cornelius, M., Ireland, J., and John, S.
- Mayer,R., and Antone, P.
- Goldenweiser, A. (Reprinted)
86-9 New Dates for Old Chronologies: Radiocarbon Dates from the Varden Site - MacDonald, J.
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1987 Title Author
87-1 i) Preliminary Findings from Enniskillen: A Mid-19th c. Ojibwa Reserve
ii) A 19th c. Wyandot Site on the Detroit River
iii) Levi Turkey and the Tuscarora Settlement on the Grand River
- Ferris, N.
- Cory, R.
- Kenyon, I.
87-2 A Preliminary Examination of Site Selection Criteria for Middleport-Neutral Sites in Waterloo Region - Horne, M.
87-3 The Horner Creek Site: An Historical Neutral Encampment in Brant County, Ontario - Lennox, P.
87-4 i) An Archaeological Study of 19th c. European Settlement in the Gore of Camden, Kent County
ii) The Springwells Component at the Bellamy Site (AdHm-7)
- Kenyon, I.

- Murphy, C.

87-5 Projectile Point Type Compilation
87-6 The Bonisteel Site: An Ontario Iroquoian Settlement on Lake Erie - Pengelly, J., and Pengelly, S.
87-7 The Making of a 17th c. Iron Trade Axe - Kenyon, T.
87-8 Brodie and Parkhill: An Analysis of Two Late Archaic Broadpoint Samples from Southwestern Ontario - Fisher, J.
87-9 i) Dunk's Bay Archaeology
ii) A Dog from Dunk's Bay
iii) Dunk's Bay Burial Report
iv) Stanly/Neville
- Fox, W.
- Prevec, R.
- Gibbs, L.
- Ellis, C.
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1988 Title Author
88-1 Some Preliminary Thoughts on Stylistic Changes to 16th &17th c. Copper Alloy Kettles and Iron Axes - Fitzgerald, W.
88-2 Late Woodland Occupations at the Liahn I Site, Kent Co. - Kenyon, I.
88-3 i) Report on Archaeological Investigations of the Cashbrown Site(AiHd-42), Lincoln Village Subdivision, Waterloo
ii) Snyders
- Williamson, R.

- Murphy, C.

88-4 i) The Elliott Village: Pit of the Dead
ii) The Human Skeletal Material of the Elliott Site
iii) The Reid Site Burials
- Fox, W.
- Spence, M.
- Saunders, S. and MacKenzie-Ward, D.
88-5 Western Basin Occupations of the Robson Road(AaHp-20) Site - Kenyon, I., Ferris, N., and Hagerty, W.
88-6 i) Southwestern Ontario Radio-carbon dates V
ii) The Belanger Site (AcHn-10): One Round Pit of Springwells PhasePrehistory
- Ferris, N.
- Ferris, N. and Crundwell, D.
88-7 i) The Snake Creek Burial
ii) Madina Plano
- Wilson, J. and Spence, M.
- Dibb, G. and Ellis, C.
88-8 Four Meadowood Phase Lithic Artifact Assemblages from Caradoc andDelaware Townships, Southwestern Ontario - Ellis, C., Fisher, J., and Deller, B.
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1989 Title Author
89-1 Terminal Archaic Projectile Points in Southwestern Ontario: An Exploratory Study - Kenyon, I.
89-2 The Geological Formation of the St Clair River Delta and its Implications for Archaeological Research on the Walpole Island Indian Reserve - Adams, N.
89-3 A "Smallpoint" Archaic Compoent at the Welke-Tonkonoh Site, Ontario - Muller, J.
89-4 Index of Kewa 1978-1989
89-5 Test Excavation at the Late Prehistoric Skinner Site, London - Keron, J.
89-6 A Preliminary Report on the 1987-88 London Chapter Excavations at the Van bemmel Site, Kent County, Ontario - Ferris, N.
89-7 Faunal Remains from the Upper Bluff Pond Site AdHa-7 Including Eggshells - Prevec, R. and Fox, W.
89-8 i) The Butler's Woods Site (AfHj-82) and the Middle Woodland Occupation of the Middle Thames River Drainage
ii) One Small Pot of Riviere Au Vase Prehistory
- Timmins, P.

- Ferris, N.

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1990 Title Author
90-1 The Alder Creek Site: An Historic Neutral Camp, Brant County, Ontario - Hagerty, W. and Lennox, P.
90-2 Salvage Excavation of the Moyer Flats Site - Fox, W.
90-3 A late Wolf Phase Occupation at the Libby-Miller Site, Wallaceburg, Ontario - Ferris, N., Fox, W., and Murphy, C.
90-4 Archaeological Investigations of the Stratford Knoll Site(AhHa-59) - Murphy, C. and Hagerty, W.
90-5 The Diaries of Christian Denke on the Sydenham River, 1804-05 - Denke, C.F. (Translated by Jamnik, I.)
90-6 Preliminary Observations on the Ivan Elliott (AiHa-16) Villageand the Raymond Reid (AiHa-4) Hamlet, Wellington County, Ontario - Fitzgerald, W.
90-7 i) Odawa Lithic Procurement and Exchange: A History Carved in Stone
ii) The Pits (Pt. 1): A radio-carbon Dated "Smallpoint" Late Archaic Feature from the Thedford II Site
- Fox, W.

- Ellis, C., Deller, B., Murphy, C., and Dodd, C.

90-8 i) Southern Niagara: Ephemeral Lakes, Sporadic Outlets,Transitional Environments and Native Populations Under Stress
ii) Thebes
- Pengelly, J.

- Abel, T.

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1991 Title Author
91-1 A Western Basin Winter Cabin from Kent County, Ontario - Murphy, C.
91-2 The Story Site: An Early 19th c. Homestead in Brant County,Ontario - Morrison, B.
91-3 The Neutral Freelton Village Site - MacDonald, J.
91-4 i) The Kttmer Site: A Middle Woodland Camp on the Upper ThamesDrainage
ii) A Bad Analogy? Northern Algonquian Models and the Middle WoodlandOccupations of Southwestern Ontario
- Wilson, J.

- Wilson, J.

91-5 A Pickering Conquest - Jamieson, S.
91-6 i) An Ethnobotanical Analysis of a 14th c. Wolf Phase Feature at the Petersen Site, in North-Central Ohio
ii) The Whitemans Creek #3 Site: A Probable Prehistoric Neutral Extra-Village Site in Brant County, Ontario
- Abel, T.

- Parker, L.

91-7 The Diaries of Christian Frederick Denke on the Sydenham River, 1804-05 - Denke, C.F. (Translated by Jamnik, I.)
91-8 i) A Small But Informative Early Archaic Component at the Culloden Acres Site, Area B.
ii) Iroquoian Post Placement: The Slovenian Perspective
- Ellis, C. and Deller, B.
- Prevec, R. and Prevec, L.
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1992 Title Author
92-1 The Billiard Site (AhHa-76): A Small Meadowood Component in the Region of Hamilton-Wentworth - Timmins, P.
92-2 i) The Wardsville Burial
ii) The Stag Island Burial
- Clark, E. and Spence, M.
- Spence, M.W.
92-3 The Serpent's Copper Scales - Fox, W.
92-4 Spilled Ink and Broken Cups: The Distribution and Consumption of Ceranic Tableware in Upper Canada, 1800-1840 - Kenyon, I.
92-5 Pork and Potatoe, Flour and Tea: Descriptions of Food and Meals in Upper Canada, 1814-1867 - Kenyon, I. and Kenyon, S.
92-6 The Birch Site (BcGw-29): A Late Iroquoian Special Purpose Site in Simcoe County - MacDonald, E. and Cooper, M.
92-7 Contact, Contradiction, and the Little Ice Age: Neutral Iroquoian Transformation, A.D. 1450-1650  - Fitzgerald, W.R.
92-8 i) Comments on Fitzgerald's (1992) Article Regarding Neutral Iroquoian Transformation, A.D. 1450-1650
ii) Here be Dragons: The Indian Trade Gun Side Plates From the Balynacree Site Kenora(DkKp-8)
iii) Kramer
- Pearce, R.J.

- Reid, C.S.

- Parker, L.

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1993 Title Author
93-1 Household Ceramic Stocks in Mid-19th c. Ontario - Kenyon, I. and Kenyon, S.
93-2 i) The Snary Early Paleo-Indian Site
ii) The Lucky Site: An Early Woodland Find in North Dumfries Township, Region of Waterloo
- Wortner, S. and Ellis, C.
- Parker, L.R.
93-3 The Preliminary Investigations at the Pocock Site and the Meadowood Phase Along the Middle Thames Drainage - Wilson, J.
93-4 i) The Tanjo Site (AhGx-97): A Late Archaic Component in Hamilton-Wentworth
ii) A Possible "Upset" Iron Trade Axe
- Vanderburgh, K. and Williamson, R.
- Garrad, C.
93-5 Moravians in Ontario: The April-December 1799 Diary from the Mission at Fairfield - Sabathy-Judd, G.
93-6 i) The Whitefield Site (BfFv-8): An Archaic/Woodland Campsite Near Spencerville, Ontario
ii) The Rice Lake Phase Reconsidered
- Adams, N.

- Wilson, J.

93-7 Diaries of Christian Frederick Denke on the Sydenham, River, 1806 - Denke, C.F. translated by Dreyer, F.
93-8 The Cemetery Site: A Hinterland Who's Who - Riddell, D.
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1994 Title Author
94-1 The Macallan Site (AgHa-59) - Woodley, P.
94-2 i) Salvage Excavation of the Hardy Road Site (AgHb-190): A Middle to Late Archaic Lithic 
Scatter on the Central Grand River
ii) The Medway Celt
- Austin, S.

- Lennox, P.

94-3 i) The pottery from the Tara and Ireland Sites: Three Terminal Glen Meyer Components in the Burlington/Crawford Lake Area
ii) A Possible "UPset" Iron Axe from Neutralia
- Bursey, J.

- Garrad, C.

94-4 The Racher Site(AfHi-141): More Evidence Concerning Large Riverine Middle Woodland Sites along the Middle Thames River Drainage - Wilson, J.
94-5 i) The Pits (Pt II): A Radiocarbon-Dated Early Woodland, Meadowood Phase Feature from the Parkhill Site
ii) Back to the Barrengrounds
- Ellis, C.

- Fox, W.

94-6 Chippewa Mission Diary of Christian Frederick Denke - Denke, C.D. translated by Jamnik, I.
94-7 The Dingman Creek Site: A Middle Woodland Component in Middlesex County, Ontario - Lennox, P.
94-8 Iroquoian Village Ecology - Fecteau, R., Molnar, J., and Warrick, G.
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1995 Title Author
95-1 The Johnson Flats Site (AgGx-214): A Stratified Prehistoric Occupation on the Lower Grand River Floodplain - Parker, L.
95-2 i) The Siller Site: A Meadowood Component on the Credit River 
ii) The London Chapter's Archaeological Assessment of the Grosvenor Lodge Property, City of London
- McEachen, P. and Williamson, R. 
- Arnold, T.
95-3 Sipan, the Moche and the Archaeology of Peru - Nelson, A.
95-4 The Juniper Site: A Springwells Phase Component, Essex County, Ontario - Lennox, P.
95-5 Stelco 1: A Late Paleo-Indian Hi-Lo Site in the Region of Haldimand-Norfolk, Ontario - Timmins, P.
95-6 "Weeds Uprising Where the Hearth Should Be": Rural House Abandonment in Southern Ontario - Kenyon, I.
95-7 Turf Grass Institute Site (AjHb): Locus B Test Excavations Guelph, Ontario - MacDonald, J.
95-8 The Witz Site (AhHa-80): Highway 403 New, Ancaster - Woodley, P.
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1996 Title Author
96-1 Recent Research Articles in KEWA, Newsletter of the London Chapter, Ontario Archaeological Society, 1978-1995. - Woodley, Philip
96-2 Analysis of the Trent University Ceramic Collection from the Krieger Site Near Chatham - Jarvis, D.
96-3 The Wimmer Site (AiHb-110), Wellington County, Ontario - Timmins, P.A.
96-4,5 The Fradenburg Site: An Historic Neutral Village on the Lower Grand River - Poulton, D.R., Dodd, C.F., Spence, M.W., and Fecteau, R.D.
96-6 Archaeological Concerns for the Twenty-First Century - Mitchell, B.
96-7 The Anderson Site (afGx-54) and the Early and Middle Ontario Iroquoian Occupations of the Lower Grand River - Bursey, J.
96-8 Ojibwa Misson Report Christian Frederick Denke's First Visit Among the Ojibwa 1801 - Denke, C.F., Translated by I. Jamnik
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1997 Title Author
97-1 The Cider Site, A Small Point Late Archaic Component in the Town of Ancaster - Borland, M. & D. Poulton
97-2 Johnson Flats Revisited - Parker, L.
97-3/4 i) Reminiscences of Ian T. Kenyon 
ii)Bibliography of Ian Kenyon 
iii)Ojibway Prairie Reserve Archaeological Survey 
- Ellis, Riddell, Ferris 
- Ferris
- Kenyon, I.
97-5 The Early Archaic of Ancaster: Lithic Scatters and Stage 4 Decisions  - Jackson, L. & D. Morrison
97-6 A Headwater Camp on Hunsburger Creek. - Murphy, C.
97-7 Cherry Hill: A Kirk Corner-Notched Site at Fonthill, Ontario - Wilson, J., B. Wimmer & A. Figura
97-8 Born Glen Meyer, Growing Up Uren: The Juvenile Ceramics From the Calvert Site - Timmins, P.
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1998 Title Author
98-1/2 The Milton Heights Site: Artifact Analysis of a Seventeenth Century Neutral Ossuary Pit. - Ferris, N.
98-3 The Archaeological Investigations of Victoria Park, City of London, Ontario.  - Poulton, D. & C. Dodd
98-4 i) The Survival of the Wenro and How I Became One 
ii) Plainville Plano Points
- C. Garrad
- Jackson, L
98-5 The Crown Site (33SA40B): An Early Wolf Phase Hamlet in Northern Ohio - Abel, T. and D. Stothers
98-6 Surface Collected Artifacts From the Murray 2 Site (AfGx-72), A Hi-Lo Component Near Cayuga, Ontario  - Bursey, J.
98-7/8 i) The Archaeological Survey of an Interior Portion of the St. Clair Clay Plains, Kent County, Ontario 
ii) The Pits (Part III) or Evidence From the Parkhill Site Pertaining to the Age of Late Archaic "Small Points." 
- Drew, L.

- C. Ellis

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1999 Title Author
99-1 The Pocock Site: Exploring the Early Woodland/Middle Woodland Transition in Southwestern Ontario. - Wilson, J.
99-2 i) The Pilon Site, A Late Archaic Cache Near Brantford, Ontario: A Lesson in Site Visibility. 
ii) A Comment on "Isolated Finds." 
- Lennox, P. 
- Warrick, G.
99-3/4 i) The Greg Tarry Site (AeHf-38) A Small Uren Sub-Stage Camp in Aylmer, Ontario 
ii) Some Sites and Artifacts I Have Known: The Welke-Tonkonoh Site Revisited, or What is a Meadowood Point?
- Wilson, J.
- Ellis, C.
99-5/6 i) Faunal Analysis and Archaeological Prediction: A Pickering Phase Example From the Early Ontario Iroquoian Tradition. 
ii) In the Eye of the Beholder, or What is a Meadowood Point? 
iii) Reply to J.V. Wright
- Jackson, L. and D. Morrison

- Wright, J.V.
- Ellis, C.

99-7 The Keresturi Archaic Sites: Invisible Subsoil Features and Piece Plotting on the 403 Highway. - Lennox, P.
99-8 The Southwinds Site: A Late Paleo-Indian ‘Hi-Ho' Encampment in Middlesex County - Timmermans, S.
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2000 Title Author
00-1/2 i) The Dorchester Village Site (AfHg-24): A Large Uren Substage Village in Eastern Middlesex County 
ii) Lost and Found...Again!
- Keron, J.

- Long, D.

00-3 The Mourning Dove Site, AfHh-197 - Pearce, R. & M. Spence
00-4/5 Index to Kewa Research Articles, 1978-2000 - N. Ferris
00-6 i) Fluted Point Reports: Introduction
ii) The MacLeod Point: An Unusual Fluted Point from Middlesex County
ii) Another Fluted Point from Caradoc Township
iv) A Paleo-Indian Surface Find in Northern Middlesex County
v) Three Crowfield Points from Southeast Middlesex County
- i) Ellis, C.
- ii) MacLeod, J., D. B. Deller & C. Ellis 
-  iii) Fallon, D.
- iv) Bright R.
- v) Keron, J. & S. Prowse
00-7/8 i) The Moyer Flats Site Pot
ii) Salvage Excavation of the Moyer Flats Site
iii) A True Canadian Fish Story: Archaeological Food For Thought
- i) Wilson, J.
- ii) Fox, W.
- iii) Fox, W.
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2001 Title Author
01-1/2 i) Standing Tree Site (BcGw-63), An Early Paleo-Indian Occupation Near Barrie, Ontario
ii) Some Sites and Artifacts I have Known: A Small Paleo-Indian Site in the Niagara Peninsula
- Woodley, P.
- Ellis, C.
01-3 The Delhi Woman: An Osteobiography of An Early Ontario Iroquoian - Ginter, J.
01-4 Long House Widths and the Pickering Conquest Hypothesis - Keron, J.
01-5 The Sunnydale Site: AgHh-53 - A Small Point Archaic Camp in North London - Martelle, H.
01-6/7 i) Some Sites and Artifacts I Have Known: The Debert Site, Nova Scotia
ii) "Tales of A River": Our Vanishing Past Along the Sydenham River
-i) Ellis, C.
-ii) Riddell, D.
01-8 The Bob Calvert Collection - Calvert, J. R., W. A. Fox, C. Ellis, R. 
Pearce, F. Carson
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2002 Title Author
02-1 The Crawford Knoll Site -Kenyon, I. T. and K. Snarey
02-2 Heye, Where Are You Going With Those Artifacts? - Fox, W. A
02-3 The Riverview Site (AfGt-81): A Multicomponent Occupation Along the Welland River, Regional Municipality of Niagara, Ontario - Watts, C., R. MacDonald, R. Pihl, D. Robertson  & D. Steiss
02-4 Glimpses of the Middleport Site (AgHa-2), Brant County, Ontario - Sutton, R. E.
02-5/6 The Masterson Heights Site (AgGt-105): A Late Archaic Period Site in St. Catherines, Ontario - Esler, J.
02-7 The Horseshoe Valley Ossuary -Mandich A.
02-8 The Fregg Site (AhGx-390): A Small Point Archaic Occupation in Ancaster, Ontario  - Wilson, J.
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2003 Title Author
03-1 Comparability of Published Debitage Analysis: An Experimental Assessment  - Keron, J.
03-2 Edithsmith (AdHk-36): Excavations at a Terminal Archaic/Woodland Site on the Thames River - Ellis, C. & S. Wortner
03-3 The Calvert Village Underworld - Fox, W. A.
03-4/5 Exploring Chert Use Patterns Within Iroquoian Sites Using a Geographical Information System - Keron, J.
03-6/7 Items and Means of Personal Adornment Among the Neutral: Evidence from the Lawson Site - Pearce, R.

A Backed Ovate Biface Discovery from Caradoc Township, Middlesex County, Ontario

- D. Fallon & S. Timmermans
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2004 Title Author
04-1 The Burials of the Brian Site: The Technical Report & The General Report - Spence, M.
04-2/3 i) The Hillerman Site (AjGv-51) A Small Point Warm Season Interior Camp, Mississauga, Ontario
ii) A Thebes Point from Mersea Township, Essex County
- i) Fisher, J.                                                
- ii) Allen B. and C. Ellis
04-4 i) The Mourning Dove Burial: Technical and GeneralReports
ii) A Ceramic Effigy with Glass Eyes From The Historic Neutral Hamilton Site
- i) Spence M. and B. Pearce.                   
- ii) Lennox, P.
04-5 The Hi-Lo Component at the Welke-Tonkonoh Site, Area C - Ellis, C.
04-6 Plotting to Re-Plot the Plots: Bringing Back Pioneer Cemeteries From Their Recent Past - Ferris, N.
04-7/8 i) The Waubuno Site and Other Earthworks
ii) A Workability Comparison of Three Ontario Cherts (A Flint Knapper's Perspective)
- i) Pearce,R..                                                  - ii) Long, D.


2005 Title Author
05-1/2 i) The Hamilton Site: Establishing the Handedness of Potters
ii) Beaucoup de Rassades Rouges (Or An Ode To Ian)
- i) Pawlowski, A.                                         - ii) Fox, W.
05-3 Preliminary Investigations at Rat Island (AhGx-7), Cootes Paradise, Hamilton, Ontario -  Martin, S. W. J.
05-4 Modeling Risk in the Great Lakes: An Analysis of Historic Data and Some Archaeological Expectations - Esler, J.
05-5/6 Research Articles Published in Kewa, Newsletter of the London Chapter, Ontario Archaeological Society, 1978-2005; Research Articles Published in Kewa, Author Index; Projectile Point Types Published in Kewa ; Nineteenth Century Notes Published in Kewa - compiled by Neal Ferris
05-7/8 i) A Comparison of Lithic Debitage Analytical Techniques as Applied to an Early Archaic Bifurcate Base Point Assemblage
ii) Chasing Turtles: An Update
- i) Pearce, S .                                                - ii) Fox, W.


2006 Title Author
06-1/2 i) A Brief Historical Context to the Moravian Delaware Village of Fairfield
ii) Excavations at the Fairfield Moravian Mission on the Thames, Kent County, Province of Ontario, Canada
- i) Ferris, N.                                                  - ii) Jury, W. and E. Jury
06-3 An Analysis of the Faunal Remains from the Harrietsville Site (AfHf-10) - Henderson, H. M.
06-4 i) Some (More) Paleo-Indian Points from Southern Ontario
ii) Salvage Excavations of Two Burials at St. John-In-The-Wilderness Church, Bright's Grove, Ontario
- i) Sherratt, J., D. Poulton, P. Dickson and C. Ellis                                                 - ii) Kron, H., L. Paulaharju and J. Sharman
06-5/6 Where's the Big Picture? Late Woodland Settlement along the Sydenham River: A Case for Long Term Investigation - Riddell, D.
06-7 A Preliminary Report on the 2006 Test Excavations at the Davidson Site: An Archaic ‘Broad Point’ Component -  Ellis, C. J.
06-8 The Skeletons from the Public Burying Ground of the City of Guelph, Ontario - Spence, M. W.
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2007 Title Author
07-1 i) A Simple Portable Electrolysis Instrument
ii) Charlie Nixon 1917-2007
- Arnold, T. 
- Keron, J.
07-2/3 The London Chapter, OAS: The First Thirty Years (30th Anniversary Issue) - Keron, J.
07-4 The Catfish Creek Survey Nearly 30 Years Later: The Continued Importance of Large Scale Survey, Site Monitoring and Preservation - Freeman, J.
07-5 The Hoover Site (AfHi-328): A Small Late Summer/Fall Station in Southwestern Ontario - Sherratt, J. T & D. R. Poulton
07-6 Skeletal Analysis of the Zimmer Collection - Boston, C. E.
07-7/8 Salvage Archaeology in London: The C.O.E.D. Project: The McGrath Site, An Early Iroquoian Component: Part I - Poulton, D. R.
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2008 Title Author
08-1/2 Salvage Archaeology in London: The C.O.E.D. Project: The McGrath Site, An Early Iroquoian Component: Part 2 - Poulton, D. R.

Area C of the Green Hill Site (AgHk-39): A Small Point Archaic Component

- Pearce, S. H. & C. J. Ellis
08-5/6 Salvage Archaeology in London: The C.O.E.D. Project: Part 2(A): The Willcock Site, A Transitional Uren-Middleport Component
Bipolar Reactions
- Poulton, D. R.

- Fox, W.
08-7/8 Salvage Archaeology in London: The C.O.E.D. Project: Part 2(B): The Willcock Site, A Transitional Uren-Middleport Component - Poulton, D. R.
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2009 Title Author
09-1/2 A Preliminary Overview of the 2008 Excavations at the Davidson (AhHk-54) 'Broad Point' Archaic Site - Ellis, C. J., E. Eastaugh, J. Keron & L. Foreman
09-3 Glass Tools at the Eagle Nest Site, Brantford, Ontario -Warrick, G.
09-4/5 Salvage Archaeology in London: The C.O.E.D. Project: Part 3(A): The Multi-Component Pond Mills Site - Poulton, D. R.
09-6/7 Salvage Archaeology in London: The C.O.E.D. Project: Part 3(B): The Multi-Component Pond Mills Site - Poulton, D. R.
09-8 Salvage Archaeology in London: The C.O.E.D. Project: Part 4: Conclusion - Poulton, D. R.
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2010 Title Author
10-1/2 Some Sites and Artifacts I Have Known: The Weed (AfHl-1) Early Paleo-Indian Site
Research at the C
rawford Lake III SITE (AiGx-371)  
- Deller, D. B. and C. J. Ellis
-  Sherratt, J. T. M. Brown and C. Turton
10-3/4 New Dates for the Medway River Community: Lawson (AgHh-001), Ronto (AgHh-010) and Labatt (AgHh-064)
Travels with Neal
- Sherratt, J. T., R. J. Pearce and D. G. Smith
- Spence, M. W.
10-5 Dismemberment or Dissection: An "Unusual Burial" in London, Ontario. - Spence, M. W.
10-6/7 A Preliminary Report on a Late Archaic Pithouse from the Davidson Site (AhHk-54)
Danny Was Here
- Ellis, C. J., E. Eastaugh and J. Keron
- Spence, M. W.

Treponemal Infection in a Western Basin Community

-  Spence, M. W.,  C. D. White, N. Ferris and F. J. Longstaffe
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2011 Title Author
11-1 Surface Surveys of the Wiener Site (AeHh-140), 2006-2010 - Dann, D.
11-2 A Preliminary Report On A 3000 Year Old “Wall Trench” Structure from the Davidson Site (Ahhk-54). - Ellis, C. J. and J. R. Keron
11-3 A Distinctive, Probably Early Paleoindian, Stone Artifact From the Credit River Drainage
Holes in Cemeteries
- Ellis C. J. and P. Racher
- Spence, M. W.
11-4, 5, 6 An Assemblage Out of Place: Identifying a Possible Northern Algonkian Site in Southern Ontario
If the Shoe Fits...Analysis of 19th Century Shoes
 - Bursey, J. A.
- Quirk, L and M. Beaudoin
11-7/8 The Archaeology of the Thomas Jennings Burial
The Burial of Thomas Jennings
- Sherratt, J.T.
- Spence, M. W.
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2012 Title Author
13-1, 2 Two Paleoindian Bifaces from Haldimand
An Updated Fluted Point Survey for Southern Ontario
Ernie Sackrider's Field Notes: The Sealey Site
- Bursey, J. A.
- Hanson, C. and C. J. Ellis
- Pearce, R. J.
12-3 The Infant Burial of the Watford Site (AlGu-5) - Spence, Michael W.
12-4, 5, 6,7
Late Woodland Settlement on the Periphery: Another Part of the Big Picture
Salvaging the Ivory Hill Cache Or “You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but......”
- Riddell, David
- Fox, William A.
12-8 Programming Projectile Point Typologies - Arnold, Tom
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2013 Title Author
13-1 The Old Sites Project: An Update (includes an address delivered by Rutherford Smith in the 1930s entitled: Indian Archaeology of Wentworth Co. and Its Relation to Early Canadian History) - Fox, William A.
13-2, 3, 4 Hi-Lo Point Life Histories - Ellis, C. J. and D. B. Deller
13-5, 6 Three Burials from the Libby-Miller Site, Kent Co., Ontario - Spence, Michael W.
13-7, 8 Grave Reminiscences
The Figura Site Torso Burial
Before and After: A Test of the Reliability of Surface Assessments of Mortuary Features
- Fox, William A.
- Spence, Michael W.
- Spence, Michael W.
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2014 Title Author
14-1, 2 To Save a Cemetery
Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Western Ontario Volume 1, Issue 1, 1964 - reprint of whole issue (information on fluted point, Parker Earthworks, Unusual bone fleshing tool, etc.)
- Riddell, David

- Various authors
14-3, 4 Meadowood Phase Occupations on the Caradoc Sand Plain
Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Western Ontario Volume 2, Issue 1, 1965 - reprint of selected articles (information on "Green Limestone artifacts" [e.g. subgreywacke broadpoints], rediscovery of Huron Ossuary, possible surviving Huron garment)
- Ellis, C. J. and D. B. Deller

-- Various authors
14-5, 6 The Davidson Site, A Late Archaic, First Nations Ancestral Occupation near Parkhill, Ontario. Part I: Goals, Site Setting and Site Investigations  - Ellis, C. J., J. Keron et al.
14-7, 8 The Davidson Site, A Late Archaic, First Nations Ancestral Occupation near Parkhill, Ontario. Part II: The Broad Point and Small Point Components - Ellis, C. J., J. Keron et al.
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2015 Title Author
15-1 Jack's Reef and Related Point Types in Ontario
- Bursey, J.
15-2, 3 A Birdstone from the Lower Ausable Valley
- Dann, D.
15-4, 5 Some Sites and Artifacts I Have Known: The Walsh Point, A Quartz Fluted Point from Near Napanee, Ontario
Report on the Hyde Park Cranium (Part I)
Report on the Hyde Park Cranium (Part II): The Trauma and Death of a Nineteenth Century Man
- Ellis, C. J.

- Pearce, R. J.
- Spence, M. W.
15-6, 7, 8

The Mason Cemetery: An Introduction
The Skeletal Remains from the Mason Cemetery Burials, London, Ontario
A Settlement History of the Neighbourhood of Park Lot 3, West Side of Francis Street, London Township

- Spence, M.W & J. Wilson
- Wheeler, S.
-- Bates Neary, H.
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2016 Title Author
16-1, 2, 3
A Hi-Lo Point From Near Sylvan, Ontario
Oral Pathology and Subsistence in the Younge Phase,
Western Basin Tradition
Using Magnetomer Survey to Locate Buried Cultural Features on Lithic Scatters: Examples from the Davidson (AhHk-54) Late Archaic Site

- Keron, J. & C. Ellis
- Spence, M. W.
- Ellis, C., E. Eastaugh & J. Keron
16-4 The Bonisteel Site Burial -- Spence, M. W.
16-5, 6 That’s the Point, My Deer: An Experimental Study Using Genesee Replica Bifaces
Hey Boss: Is this an Artifact?
- Malleau, K.
-- Arnold, T.
16-7,8 in press

The Skinner Burial (AdHo-3) and the Question of Paget’s Disease in the Americas

- Spence, M.W.
--Fox, W. A.
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