MOS announces new research clusters

August 29, 2016

The Department of Management and Organizational Studies has organized its faculty into two new research clusters to build on their award winning research and provide guidance for further growth.

Faculty members are actively engaged in innovative research with two primary areas of strength: consumer and organizational behavior, and corporate governance.

Researchers in the department provide a unique interdisciplinary approach to the study of management, emphasizing the social science and evidence-based foundations of management education.

The department based the clusters on the existing strengths of researchers. These clusters will also provide guidance for future hiring, and will facilitate more collaboration in the department.

“Developing them provided faculty members the opportunity to talk to each other in ways they hadn’t before,” said Mitch Rothstein, Chair of Management and Organizational Studies. “There was some discovery that will hopefully lead to joint research and grant proposals.”

Researchers in Consumer and Organizational Behavior focus on the study of human behavior in consumption and organizational contexts. Research expertise in this area includes examining globalization, culture, and consumption, social influence, and sustainability.

Researchers in the Corporate Governance cluster study the systems, processes, structures, and frameworks used to control and direct any corporation in the best interests of all stakeholders. They examine internal and external mechanisms of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, citizenship in the workplace, and leadership.

For more information on the research clusters and the faculty working in both clusters, visit the Management and Organizational Studies research website.