Godwin Arku named as Faculty Scholar

March 19, 2019

Godwin Arku, Associate Professor, Department of Geography

Godwin Arku, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, has been named as one of Western University’s 2019 Faculty Scholars.

Arku has made exceptional contributions to research, public policy, and student training in the area of Urban and Economic Geography, with a focus on three substantive areas of research: housing, urban development, and economic development.

“I’m greatly honoured and humbled to be named as a Faculty Scholar. Although the focus of my work and mindset is not about receiving an award, I am pleased to work in an institution that recognizes people’s dedication, hard work and passion,” said Arku. “This award gives me encouragement and recognizes my continued dedication to doing the work I so love and enjoy. I am grateful to the awards committee for this esteemed recognition.”

The Faculty Scholar award recognized significant scholarly achievements in teaching and research.
Arku is a passionate scholar who has worked tirelessly to create space for both undergraduate and graduate students in research, and to mentor his trainees regarding the importance of doing applied research that not only makes academic contributions but also results in local community economic development.

“I constantly have to remind myself that teaching and research are not opposing forces. Over the years, I have realized that an improvement in one domain is significant to my advancement in the other area. Both teaching and research have helped me to develop a better insight into my larger field of interests,” said Arku. “With this mindset and experience, I try to strike the balance between the two, and in the end, it comes down to interest and time management. I frequently have to ask myself this question: ‘am I prioritizing one over the other?’ Well, depending on the season, one may triumph over the other. However, I remain true to my overall vision of my program which is to advance teaching and scholarship in the areas of urban and economic development.”

Arku's impact has extended widely into the global readership in the areas of housing, urban development and economic development. It has been applied by national governments, municipalities, policy groups, and community organizations to improve local economic and community development.

Established in 2005, the Faculty Scholars Award recognizes significant recent scholarly achievements in teaching or research. Nominated by faculty deans and selected by the Faculty Selection committee chaired by the Provost, the recipients have an international presence in their discipline and are considered all-round scholars. Winners hold the title “Faculty Scholar” for two years and receive $7,000 each year for scholarly activities, as well as receiving a citation.