Lifelong Learning an exciting adventure for double degree holder

July 05, 2019

Greg Lee graduated wit a degree in Economics and Business Administration in June 2019

“The more you learn about one subject, the less valuable your effort becomes until you extend your horizons with other knowledge,” said Greg Lee.

Lee graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Administration in June 2019, and during his career as a student at Western, he focused on learning through as many means as possible.

Since he was young, Lee was passionate about learning how people live and interact in a society, and how he could provide value to the system. Lee came to Western in 2011, studying Economics.

Lee explained that he focused on economics to “learn about the study of markets, which beautifully articulated how psychology, math, and logical reasoning come together to explain the subjects.”

To build on that knowledge, Lee enrolled in Ivey Business School in 2014, to gain a better understanding of the corporate world.

With knowledge of the theory and practical application of economics and business, Lee enlisted in the Korean military in 2016 for two years.

“If business school showed me a sample of what the real corporate world looks like, enlisting in the military showed me a sample of what the real population looks like,” said Lee.

Lee’s military service provided him with a unique insight.

“In absence of a strong governance system, such as the military (an extreme end), those people undoubtedly would be grouped (and be independently and identically distributed; economics blood in me) respectively in the society,” said Lee. “But with the system, they were able to work together towards a common goal and I saw how a sample of the humanity came together. That, and perhaps the military disciplines, are the biggest lessons which impacted the way I think and interact.”

Even during his military service, Lee did not let his business studies rest. While enlisted, he completed his US Chartered Public Accountant exams. Upon returning to Western in 2018, he completed the Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1.

Greg is deeply interested in providing value in the North American financial industries, and in the long-term, Greg seeks to extend the horizons of understanding the universe through studying non-adjacent fields of subjects.

“I think knowledge compounds. We should be putting sustainable and consistent effort into learning throughout our lifetime, said Lee.

Putting his economics training to work, Lee provided a mathematical explanation of the value of lifelong learning, showing that when you build on previous knowledge with new, complementary knowledge, you gain more in the end.

“I hope everyone can see learning as a life-long journey, an exciting adventure, not a chore,” said Lee.