Multiracial children born to cohabiting vs. married parents more likely to experience family instability

April 21, 2021

Multiracial family, Photo: Keira Burton from Pexels

Photo: Keira Burton from Pexels

Multiracial children’s experiences of family instability differ significantly depending on whether their parents were married when the child was born, a new international study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family has found.

While multiracial children born to cohabiting parents are more likely than their single-race counterparts to experience family instability, that increased risk does not exist for multiracial children born to married parents, according to research by Western University’s Kate Choi, in collaboration with Rachel E. Goldberg from the University of California.

The rising number of interracial unions and multiracial individuals might be seen as a sign that racial distinctions are diminishing, but the reality is much more complicated, said Choi, associate professor of sociology.

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