Faculty of Social Science

Paying Research Assistants

How Much Should I pay a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)?

The tricouncils recently eliminated their salary guidelines for research assistants.  This faculty’s recommendation is to align RA payment with what your department pays a TA.  Please consult with your graduate chair, and ensure that you include an allowance for the one time payment.

Please consult with the following web pages for additional information:

Postdoctoral Fellows

SGPS is currently working on a set of guidelines for Western.  In the meantime, contact Assistant Dean Margaret McGlynn  mmcglyn@uwo.ca for information.

A standard SSHRC Postdoc is worth $40,500

A standard NSERC and CIHR Postdoc is worth $40,000

Benefit Rates

Include benefits for employees that are paid a salary or an hourly rate.

  • Full-time Appointments – 27.5%
  • Part-time and contract Appointments – 13% (Western Human Resource Services)

For further information contact Human Resources.