Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty of Social Science Internal Funding

1. Where can I add a Co-applicant, if I have one (or more)?

You can add a co-applicant in the same section where you add your name. Please make sure you indicate who is the Principal Investigator and who is the co-applicant.

2. Do I need to provide a CV for the co-applicant?

A CV for the co-applicant is not required.

3. Where can I find the application form I need to fill?

Go to Funding Opportunities, click on the link for the grant you are planning to apply. The application form is provided at the bottom of each grant page.

4. Can you review my application earlier and provide me with comments?

We can review your internal grant application on whether your grant complies with our guidelines. However, we will not provide comments or feedback about the content of internal grants (of course, we do provide such feedback for external funding opportunities).

5. I already have an internal grant; can I apply again for an internal grant?

Yes, you can apply. However, as stated in our application guidelines, one of the factors that will receive a negative weighting is that the applicant currently holds any internal funds OR holds external funds that relate to the research project being proposed.

6. Should I charge Mileage or Gas?

Considering our limited funding, the mileage rates can be charged only for travel within Province. Please advise the UWO travel/ mileage rate:
For out of Province travel charge gas or airfare. If you are using airfare you will need to provide receipts for reporting purposes.

7. How much can I charge for daily travel subsistence?

There is a daily reimbursement limit for meals. The daily rates are set by Treasury Board of Canada Meal Allowance. For more information, please access Allowances.

8. Can I purchase books with internal grants?

Unless the books are for participants in your study, then the purchase of books is not eligible.

9. Can I apply at the same time as a Principal Investigator in one application and as a co-applicant in another application?

Researchers may apply for and hold, as Principal Investigator, only one FRDF grant within the same calendar year. There is no limit to the number of FRDF applications on which a researcher may be listed as a co-applicant.