Retooling and Retraining Internal Grant

The skills needed to thrive in today’s research world are constantly changing. After consultation with our mid-career researchers, the Faculty of Social Science is initiating a pilot internal funding program to address the needs of faculty members for retooling and retraining.

Internal funds are now available to mid-career faculty members who wish to learn new research methodologies, research techniques or gain expertise on software packages (maximum $2,500). Funds can be used to attend formal courses, workshops or other training activities offered at accredited universities or research institutions. Informal training opportunities may also be explored such as travel to a colleague’s or expert’s research facilities to learn new research techniques and research methods.

Eligible expenses include registration costs, travel expenses and accommodation at training sites. Professional development funds can also be used to further supplement the internal funds.

Upon completion of the training (or after one year, whichever comes first) grant holders will be required to submit a short report on the activities and outcomes facilitated by these funds.

Please submit a single copy of the application form signed by your Department Chair, to the Office of the Dean of Social Science by March 1, 2019. Electronic applications (either PDF or MSWord) can be sent to

For other information see FAQsResearch Finance, Travel on the Policies and Procedures  and Researcher Toolbox.