J.B. Smallman Research Fund

In 1987 the J.B. Smallman Research Fund was dispersed among the Faculties of Arts, Social Science and Music. The Faculty of Social Science established an Advisory Committee for making awards from the fund. This committee has asked that Chairs be reminded of the existence of these funds, and to encourage applications for worthwhile publication projects.


  1. The applicant shall be a full-time member of the Faculty of Social Science or, at the time of application, hold a Limited-Term appointment with a significant research component as defined in the Collective Agreement.
  2. The manuscript shall have been accepted for publication by a reputable academic press. (The fund is unable to provide support for regular publication in scholarly journals (i.e., page charges).)
  3. The manuscript shall have been reviewed by at least one recognized scholar in the field and judged worthy of publication.
  4. The applicant shall have diligently sought other sources of funding for the project, including funding from his or her Chairperson, and from the relevant granting agencies.
  5. The award shall normally be granted to support directly the publication through subvention to the publisher. Costs relating to typing, indexing, translation, and copying shall not normally be supported.
  6. The applicant shall agree that, in recognition of the grant-in-aid, he/she will acknowledge by way of notation in the preface or other suitable place in the publication, the support received from The University of Western Ontario, J.B. Smallman Fund.
  7. The balance in the Smallman Fund shall be sufficient to grant the award without jeopardizing the capital endowment.

Apply by sending a letter to chair of the committee stating the requirement of the funds. There is no deadline.

Professor Sam Clark, Department of Sociology, is the current Chair of this committee.