Faculty of Social Science Assistance for Sabbaticants

Research Grant in Lieu of Salary, aka University Research Grant – Salary Removal For Moving Expenses

The recent restructuring of the University’s internal funding structure by Research Western has led to many changes in long familiar programs.  This is particularly true in the realm of assistance for sabbaticants.  This document outlines the state of affairs as of June 2014.

Research Grant in Leiu of Salary, aka University Research Grant

The University Research grant is a program by which a portion of a faculty member’s salary is alotted as a research grant.  This amount is subsequently reported on a T4A tax information slip, against which research expenses can be claimed.  This grant was formerly run by Research Western and has now devolved to the Faculties.  The other important change to this grant is that non-sabbaticants are no longer eligible for this grant according to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) policy.    

Sabbaticants wishing to apply for a University Research Grant must review the Terms and Conditions Information Sheet. You will also need to provide a short research proposal and a budget (see the URG Information Form).  Note that the application form asks for a % reduction in work load and a calculation of the % of your base sabbatical salary that the URG request represents.  The maximum figure recommended in both cases is 20%.

The completed application should be submitted to the Associate Dean – Research.  Upon approval, it will be forwarded to the appropriate contact in Human Resources.


Salary Removal for Moving Expenses

Under certain circumstances, sabbaticants can apply for funds to diffray the costs of moving for the purposes of their research.  For more information, see Removal Expense Request - Sabbaticants.

Western Research Expenditure Policies and Procedures

Western uses the Treasury Board rates for:

For other information see the “research finance” and “travel” links at the Financial Services web page.