Faculty of Social Science

Safe Campus Community

Social Science Building Emergency Procedures

Social Science has formed a building emergency team to assist with evacuating the building during emergencies.

The team has received a positive appraisal from Western's Fire Safety and Emergency Management for their quick and efficient procedures. 

When alarm sounds

Building Emergency Team

Social Science First Aid

First Aid Kit Location First Aider and Location
First Floor
Room 1228 Mary van de Ven
Room 1226 Steve Bamford
Second Floor
Room 2105 Brenda Innes
Jennifer Atkins
Room 2411 Erika Hill
Third Floor
Room 3326 Ed Eastaugh, room 3435
Lisa Hodgetts, room 3427
Fourth Floor
Room 4071 Debra Merrifield
Room 4100 Josh Morgan and Lorrie Lefebvre
Room 4200 Sara Alfred and Leha Huffman
Fifth Floor
Room 5240
Seventh Floor
Room 7418 Beata Jaroslawski, room 7418
Ninth Floor
Room 9438 Linda Brock
Wendy Palmer