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We have just sent out the next Kewa (14(1-2)) which members should receive shortly. Of importance the Kewa includes this announcement about pending choices of a new London Chapter Executive for 2015:

On another front, traditionally the executive of the London Chapter has been elected or put together from volunteers/recruits at our annual Christmas party. However, attendance at the Christmas party these days is often small (especially if the weather is not very good) and it is often the same diehards that show up. Thus, we often end up with the same executive members (who, like Ellis, may not be that enthusiastic about continuing in an executive role!) and do not get much new blood in the organization, especially amongst the younger members. Also, because it is not done anonymously, other members may be shy about putting their names forward. Hence, we decided at the February 2105 meeting to go back to the old way of getting an executive by forming a nominating committee. If you wish to stand for a particular executive position (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and as many directors as we would like), or want to nominate someone for such a position, please contact a member of the nominating committee directly by phone or by email. The nominating committee consists of Chris Ellis (cjellis@uwo.ca; 519-661-2111, ext. 85081) and Dana Poulton (drpoulton@rogers.com). Nominations will remain open until March 20, 2015 and we will hold an election, if necessary, as soon as possible after the nominations close.

Due to delays in mailing we have decided to put the closing date for nominations back until March 30th, 2015. If you wish to stand for office or nominate someone else, please contact Dana or Chris as soon as possible.

The next London Chapter Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 9, 2015...

....at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. The speaker will be Jon Dunlop of Archaeological Services Inc., Toronto and UWO Anthropology talking about recent research on a significant Archaic site in the Kitchener-Waterloo area in a presentation entitled:  AiHd-160; Sites, Scales and Activity . See you there! As usual doors open at 7:30 and the meeting begins at 8 PM. Free juice and cookies!

Now available as pdfs for a computer near you:
Kewa: The First Thirty Years (1977-2007)
The Archaeology of Southern Ontario to AD 1650
(edited by Chris J. Ellis and Neal Ferris)

We are pleased to announce the release of two different publications as high quality, searchable, pdfs. The first thirty years of issues of our popular academic newsletter the Kewa, including all the Nineteenth Century Notes and Point Types series, is available on  a single DVD.  So here is a chance to get copies of each and every issue of this popular and useful publication outlet together in one convenient small place for $20 plus postage/handling ($5.00 to Canada, $8.00 to USA; currently we treat US dollars at par). In addition, we have reissued on a single CD our best selling, 570 page 1990 volume: The Archaeology of Southern Ontario to AD 1650, Occasional Publications of the London Chapter No. 5, edited by Chris J. Ellis and Neal Ferris for the same price. Get both discs for $45, postage included to USA or Canada. We take cheques only written on Canadian and USA banks that are made payable to: London Chapter OAS. Orders can be sent to: London Chapter, OAS, c/o Museum of Ontario Archaeology, 1600 Attawandaron Road, London, Ontario, Canada N6G 3M6
or contact Chris Ellis (cjellis@uwo.ca).

The Kewa...
We are behind in the issuing of our newsletter Kewa for the simple reason people have not been submitting papers for publication (Issues 13[2 to 6] have just been released ). The Kewa is a great way to get into a more accessible form important data, information and ideas about the archaeology of Ontario. Short reports on sites excavated through CRM activities are especially welcome. There must be lots of CRM reports out there that could be easily cleaned up and published. More and more sites are found each year and yet less are published -- and unless they are published the data might as well not exist -- see Chris Ellis' editorial from Kewa 10(3-4) by clicking here! Contact co-editor Chris Ellis if you have something of interest: cjellis@uwo.ca.

New London Chapter Publication!!!

Occasional Publications of the London Chapter OAS No. 9: The Compleat Archaeologist: Papers in Honor of Michael W. Spence - (edited by Christopher Ellis, Neal Ferris, Peter Timmins and Christine White) 15 Chapters, 297 pp., 2010.  This volume, co-published as Ontario Archaeology Volumes 85-88 is distributed and sold by the London Chapter. In addition to a chapter chronicling the career of Dr. Spence and his contributions to Ontario and Mesoamerican Archaeology and bioarchaeology, the volume includes 14 chapters by his colleagues and former students divided into three sections that reflect his diverse theoretical and substantive interests: Ontario Archaeology, Osteological Studies and Ethnicity and Identity. See our publications page for details on contents and ordering.

Archaeological Technical Services Available!

Introducing HD Analytical Solutions, Inc.  (London Based)

HDAS  is a technical services and consulting laboratory specializing in customized slide-mounted sample preparations, microscopic analyses and characterization studies and the development of innovative, effective methodological approaches to materials research and assessment initiatives centered in cultural resource management. We prepare and analyze materials such as bone, teeth, ceramics, glass, shells, otoliths, rocks, and provide osteological consulting services.

Visit www.hdanalyticalsolutions.com for further information about our sample preparation services, analytical and consultancy services and rates. Also follow *HDAS* on Twitter(@HDAnalyticalSol) and Facebook (HD Analytical Solutions).

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