GIS Scripts For Plotting CSP Data and Spatial Analysis

The following description is reproduced with permission and in whole from Jim Keron's MA thesis, Iroquoian Chert Acquisition: Changing Patterns in the Late Woodland of Southwestern Ontario (2003) on file at the University of Western Ontario. One chapter of this thesis was published in KEWA 03-4/5 and the following description is the detailed documentation of the methodology used to conduct the internal spatial analysis in that article. It would be best understood when accompanied by the article in KEWA as there are five examples of the application of the GIS procedures. Back issues of KEWA can be ordered form the London chapter and ordering information is available elsewhere in this web site.

The following reproduces Appendix B (pages 160-167) of Keron's thesis.

Appendix B: Spatial Analysis with GIS

This appendix provides the detailed description of how the intra-site spatial analysis was done using a Geographic Information System (GIS), MFWorks, by Keigan Systems of London, Ontario. The mathematics used and the GIS scripts are included. This discussion assumes some knowledge of MFWorks. There are basically three steps to this analysis.