History is the study of past human activity – social, cultural, economic, political, intellectual, military, and anything else you can think of. The range of historical study is limited only by the documents, artifacts, and oral histories that have survived.

Areas of Study

(Honours Specialization, Specialization, Major, Minor)

International Relations
(Honours Specialization)

American Cultural Studies
(Honours Specialization)

Jewish Studies
(Major, Minor)

Middle East Studies

American Studies
(Major, Minor)

Public History

Prepare for your future career

Through the development of critical thinking and communication skills, a degree in history can prepare students for a career in international development, media, social services, non-profits, education, Foreign Service, government and more

First-Year Courses

  • Modern Europe, 1715 to the Present: Conflict and Transformation
  • Survey of East Asian History
  • Introduction to the History of Business and Commerce
  • Science, Technology and Global History
  • Wars that Changed the World

Sample Upper-Year Course

  • Greed is Good: The History of Modern Capitalism
  • History at the Movies
  • Killing Fields: Genocide in Modern History
  • Plague, Pox, and Flu: Disease in Global History
  • Political Protest in Canadian History

Student Stories


Tom Van Dewark studied History during his undergraduate years and Public History for his graduate degree.

Tom currently works as the Director of Western Operations for ‘Know History’, where he recruits other staff. “It’s safe to say that the consistency we’ve seen with Western graduates is very high,” said Van Dewark. “You will get people that are ready to be in the job market. And their expectations are more closely aligned for the professional world than you may see from other students.”.

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