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Undergraduate Degrees in Social Science

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An undergraduate education in prepare you for a future in the academic world and for a future career, by helping you develop strong research and analytical skills, and soft-skills such as communication. Our faculty have been honoured with awards for the teaching and research. Find your place in one of our many programs and departments.

Graduate Studies in Social Science


Work with some of the best researchers in the country

As a graduate student, you are working to advance your knowledge, while also advancing society’s understanding in your field of study. Studying at Western University helps you achieve those goals, as you work with world-class researchers in a supportive academic environment.

Our Strength is People

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The combination of our research excellence and high-quality instruction is an important reason why student surveys demonstrate that Western provides a rewarding student experience at a research-intensive university. Our professors and students work on a great variety of projects. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the research that is being done, while developing your own university program to fulfil your own aspirations and career goals.