Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary program examining topics relevant to Indigenous peoples' realities. The program allows students to either specifically focus on Indigenous issues or to combine their program with other undergraduate programs. Students will gain the foundational knowledge and research experience to better understand and address the key issues that are important to Indigenous people in Canada and abroad.

Areas of Study

Indigenous Studies
(Honours Specialization, Major, Minor)

Focus on Indigenous Studies or combine your program with almost any other undergraduate program.



Prepare for your future career

An undergraduate degree in Indigenous Studies will also provide students with the opportunity to gain admission into professional schools such as law, medicine, health science, education, and business.

Indigenous Studies Sample Courses

  • Iroquoian Language and Culture
  • First Nations Traditional Cultures
  • Indigenous Political and Legal Issues
  • Endangered Languages and Revitalization

Prepare for Careers in 

  • the private,
  • non-profit and
  • government sectors
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