Language is the chief means which members of the human species use to communicate with each other. Its scientific and humanistic study is called linguistics. The study of linguistics is indispensable for anyone interested in a particular language or in a discipline with a focus on language in general. In the Linguistics program at Western, different courses will focus on the various sub-disciplines that together represent the systematic structure of a language.

Areas of Study

(Honours Specialization, Major, or Minor)

Prepare for your future career

Beyond traditionally considered career goals such as teaching, translation and civil service, language studies provide students with many excellent career opportunities. In fact, language and linguistics graduates are sought after in today's job market for their bi/multi-language skills, their developed communication skills and their critical thought/analysis capabilities.

Linguistics Sample Courses

  • Phonetics
  • Phonological Analysis
  • Syntactic Analysis
  • Philosophy and Linguistics
  • Psychology of Language

Career Possibilities

  • International Business, Law and Politics
  • Publishing, Broadcasting, and Journalism
  • Libraries, Archives, and Museums
  • Language recognition programs
  • Speech Pathology/Speech therapy