Political Science

Political Science

The influence of politics on our lives is inescapable. The policies and principles that governments endorse and follow shape our everyday lives. The study of Political Science provides you with a chance to examine our lives in this context. Study ideas, activities and problems associated with the governance of nations, states and societies – both past and present.

Areas of Study

Political Science
(Honours Specialization, Major, Minor)

Democratic Governance
(Honours Specialization, Major)

Global Justice
(Honours Specialization, Major)

International Relations
(Honours Specialization)

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics — Politics and Philosophy concentration (PPE-P)
(Honours Specialization)

Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Combined Degree Options

  • Combined Honors Business Administration (HBA) and Political Science
  • Combined Honors Business Administration (HBA) and International Relations

Prepare for your future career

A degree in political science offers a complex set of skills, including research, analysis, critical thinking, writing, problem-solving, and public speaking. 

Political Science Sample Courses

  • American Government and Politics
  • Business and Government
  • Capitalism and Democracy
  • Global Violence and Injustice
  • Media, Democracy, and Freedom
  • Politics & Pop Culture
  • Political Parties
  • Women, Sex and Politics

Career Possibilities

  • Federal/provincial/local government,
  • Business
  • Journalism 
  • Policy Analysis 
  • Public or International Relations 
  • Law 
  • Market Research 
  • Education

Student Stories

tommy_negovanlis_ca_ey_com_LThumb.jpgTommy Negovanlis completed an undergraduate program with an Honours Double Major in American Studies and Political Science.

Negovanlis currently works as a Sustainability Consultant with Ernst and Young (EY). “I learned to manage time wisely and get things done, it’s about getting experience, and figuring it out on your own. Western has a lot of avenues and support to teach these aspects.”

Read Tommy Negovanlis' Story.

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