Faculty of Social Science Committees and Council

Social Science Faculty Council Members

N. Harney, Dean, ex officio
D. Shrubsole, Associate Dean, ex officio
M. Joanisse, Associate Dean, ex officio
E. Hayden, Associate Dean, ex officio
A. Shepard, President, ex officio
F. Strzelczyk, Provost and Vice-President (Academic), ex officio
L. Davies, Associate Vice-Provost, SGPS, ex officio
J. Plug, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, ex officio
J. Hutter, Dean, Faculty of Science, ex officio
E. Mantz, Assistant University Librarian, D.B. Weldon Library, ex officio
A. Robin, Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Arts & Humanities
J. Schuster, Department of English & Writing Studies, Faculty of Arts & Humanities
S. Gallagher, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Science
S. Kohalmi, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science
S. Ali, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
M. Austin, Faculty of Education
A. Miller, Faculty of Law
J. De Souza, Department of Music Research & Composition
D. Blair, Political Science, Huron University College
L. Gribble, Department of Psychology, King’s University College
L. Milley, Staff Representative, Faculty of Social Science
S. Ouslis, President, Social Science Students’ Council

Nominating Committee

N. Kahnert, DAN Management, term ends November 2024
M. Lebo, Political Science, term ends November 2024
D. Jared, Psychology, term ends November 2025
E. Nathans, History, term ends November 2025

Educational Policy Committee

Professor D. Shrubsole, Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Professor A. Walsh, Anthropology
Professor G. Harvey, DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies
Professor C. Saunders, Economics
Professor L. Williams, Indigenous Studies
Professor K. McKenna, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
Professor P. Ashmore, Geography and Environment
Professor J. Vance, History
Professor N. Biswas Mellamphy, Political Science
Professor J.P. Minda Psychology
Professor R. Margolis, Sociology
T. Regier, Manager (Student Affairs)
E. Good,  Social Science Students' Council 

Faculty Representation

Arts & Humanities 

R. MacDougall, History - term ends April 2025
S. Morrison, History - term ends April 2026


S. MacDougall-Shackleton, Psychology - term ends November 2025


A. Walsh, Anthropology - term ends November 2025


J. Grahn, Psychology – term ends November 2024


K. Moser, Geography & Environment – term ends November 2024
S. Schaffer, Sociology – term ends November 2024
S. Hancock, DAN Management - term ends November 2025