Awards Adjustments


The Faculty of Social Science (FSS) at Western is committed to rewarding excellence by ensuring that those who earn major external awards also receive considerable financial support from FSS (through their department/program [1]).  These funds are “top-ups” in the sense that we do not take away all Faculty funding, as is the case at other institutions, and the remaining package with the award is generally much larger than what students without awards receive.  What happens may be viewed as “adjustments” since award winners will receive less from the Faculty than they would without an external award - but not overall.  The savings are redistributed to other graduate students.  Students in the Faculty of Social Science at Western are among the highest paid among students at U15 research intensive universities.

Whose awards will be adjusted?

Those students from the Faculty of Social Science who earn any of the following awards will have their funding package adjusted downward some:

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
Ontario Trillium Scholarship - Doctoral NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship - Doctoral
Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral Ontario Graduate Scholarship - Doctoral
Canada Graduate Scholarship - Masters Ontario Graduate Scholarship - Masters
Any other major award of similar value to any of the above

What will be my award adjustment?

In general students who receive major awards will receive funds from the Faculty inversely proportional to the amount of their award.  The principle is that as award amounts increase, funding from the Faculty (e.g., WGRS, GTA) decreases so that those funds may be redistributed to other FSS graduate students in various ways.  Please meet with your Graduate Chair or Graduate Administrator for your program/department to learn how your funding package will specifically be impacted.

Do I receive a Doctoral Excellence Research Award (DERA) as well?

Yes, but the FSS portion of the DERA is any funding already paid from FSS (usually well in excess of the DERA commitment).  If you are eligible for a DERA the funding received from FSS (e.g., as WGRS, GTA) counts towards the FSS portion of the award – the remainder comes from SGPS.  See the DERA page for more details.

[1] With the exception of the SGPS portion of the DERA, Faculty of Social Science (FSS) provides the funds that go to students: WGRS, GTA, Dean’s Scholarships and Grad Chair’s Scholarships.  These FSS funds are distributed through the departments/programs.