Tricouncil Doctoral Scholarships

2002/21 Timeline

The SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR doctoral applications follow a staged review process according to the following timeline:

  • Online application deadline for students: last Friday of September
  • SGPS collects applications and assesses eligibility: Sept 28 to Oct 2
  • SGPS makes eligible applications available to Departments and Associate Deans in GradNET: Oct 5
  • Faculty deadline for ranked lists from departments to the Associate Dean: Oct 13
  • Associate Dean sends reviewer assignments to adjudication committee (Grad Chairs – not files from home department): Oct 15
  • Grad Chair adjudicators send ratings to Associate Dean: Oct 20
  • Faculty-level adjudication committee (Grad Chairs) meet with Associate Dean to produce three ranked lists for SGPS (SSHRC 27, NSERC 10, CIHR 1): Oct 22
  • SGPS deadline for Associate Dean to submit ranked lists for quota of applications: Oct 28
  • SGPS committee selection and verification of applications for submission: Oct 30 to Nov 16
  • SGPS submits quota of applications to agencies: Nov 23
  • Award results announced: April 2021

For more details see: