Student Donations

The Social Science Student Donation was begun in 1996 as an initiative of the  Social Science Students’ Council. Its purpose was to provide funds to the Faculty for the support of undergraduate students that would otherwise be unavailable to Social Science students. The donation allocations are recommended by the Social Science Students’ Council each Fall on the basis of requests from individual departments made each Spring.

Over the past several years, a significant fraction of the donation has been directed to the expansion of computer labs and a reduction of per page printing costs through Social Science Network and DataTechnology Services. Other initiatives have included the purchase of audio-visual equipment for classrooms, so that instructors can take advantage of more sophisticated technology in their lectures. The funds have also been used to subsidize field camps in Geography, and expand the palaeontology collection in Anthropology. A full listing of the requests that were funded this year is listed below.

Opting out of the donation is only done on an electronic form and is only available in the month of September If you still owed tuition by the end of November, your opt out fee would be deducted from your tuition. If not, an email would be sent to you telling you to pick up a cheque sometime around the end of November.

Main campus undergraduate and professional students should enroll in direct deposit (for tuition refunds only). You are encouraged to enrol in direct deposit for the opt out option.

To Enroll in Direct Deposit:

Log into your Student Center account. Click on Enrol in Direct Deposit in the Finances section, and input your banking information. It takes 3 business days from when the refund is issued for the funds to be deposited into the students bank account. Please note that refunds will not be issued until early November for opt outs.