FAQs – Short-term Internship

What type of internship opportunities are posted?

There are many types of internship opportunities posted for Social Science students. Internship placement opportunities may be available in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Some examples of the types of companies that students have worked at or who have posted in past cycles include the following:

  • BDO Canada LLP
  • Canada Post
  • City of London
  • Diply
  • EMCO
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • General Motors Company
  • Manulife Financial
  • McCormick Canada
  • MLD Solutions
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs
  • Ministry of Education
  • Natra Chocolate
  • Peel Regional Police
  • Polar Imaging
  • PCL Constructors Canada
  • PepsiCo Canada
  • Scotiabank
  • Sun Life Financial
  • United Way London
  • Voices.com
  • Western University
  • WestJet Airlines

Some examples of the types of positions that have been posted include the following:

  • Accounting Student
  • Business Development Support Co-op
  • Business Finance Co-op
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Crime Analyst
  • Economic Development and Tourism Student
  • Employee Engagement Coordinator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Flight Operations Co-op
  • Fund Development and Communications Event Assistant
  • Human Resources/Health & Safety Intern
  • Human Resources and Labour Relations, Summer Student
  • Inspection Programs Assistant
  • Loss Prevention Specialist Intern
  • Marketing/Communications Intern
  • Project Coordinator
  • Summer Associate, Research Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • Wealth Advisory Co-op

Will I get paid during my internship?

Yes, the Social Science Internship Program only offers paid, for-credit internship opportunities. The average internship salary in 2021 was $19.72/hour or $41,017/year. Positions that are unpaid, stipend- or honorarium-based, or underpaid will not be approved.

Can I accept a position and still search for other internship opportunities?

No – once you accept an internship, you must honor the acceptance of the offer, since it is a contractual agreement with both the Employer and the student.

Where have interns completed their work terms in the past? Will I have to relocate?

Internships are located in a variety of geographical areas, but are mainly concentrated in London and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Once accepted into the internship program, you gain access to all available postings and can make decisions about which opportunities to apply for based on location.

Past internship locations include:

  • London & Surrounding Area
  • Greater Toronto Area
  • Sarnia, Chatham, Windsor
  • Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph
  • Other Ontario
  • B.C.
  • Alberta
  • Remote (*Note: Some organizations require that you remain within a certain radius of their office, or within Canada; always communicate your working location with your employer before signing your job offer.)

Will I receive academic credit?

Yes! Once you receive an internship offer that has been verified by the SSIP team you will be registered in Social Science 3990A/B/Y, a 0.5 academic credit (Category A elective, non-essay). Please consult with Social Science Academic Counselling if you have questions about how this credit will fit into your program-specific degree requirements. The credit is graded as PAS/FAI.


How is an academic internship different than doing one on my own?

- Earn an academic credit toward your degree
- Articulate your skills and experience through intentional reflection, supervision and mentorship.
- Meet employer interest in students enrolled in government sanctioned “Work integrated learning”

How many students receive internship offers each year?

The total number of internship offers issued per year will vary based on the individual needs of participating employers and student engagement.

How many internship credits can I complete within my degree?

Students may enroll in a maximum of 1.5 internship credits within a 20.0 or 15.0 credit degree plan.

For example, students may choose to:

  1. A) complete two short-term internships (0.5 x 2) for a total of 1.0 elective credits, or
  2. B) complete one short-term internship (0.5) and one long-term internship (1.0) for a total of 1.5 credits.

If you have more questions about how to incorporate internships with your degree plan, please connect with Social Science Academic Counselling.

What are the costs to participate?

Students who are successful in securing an internship will pay a $500 fee and receive 0.5 credit upon successful completion of the work term. See Program Deliverables & Fees.

Are there any penalties or fees owed if I don't find an internship this year?

No. Students who are not successful in securing an internship will be withdrawn from the program without academic penalty and will not be liable for the program fee.

We encourage you to access all career education resources available through career.uwo.ca and the SSIP team early on in your job search to promote your success.

My academic average doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria. Can I apply again in the Winter term?

Yes, if you meet all criteria except the academic average requirement, you may request a re-assessment once your fall term grades are in by emailing socscintern@uwo.ca in January.

Can I apply to the program again next year?

Students who are returning to full-time studies and still meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to submit their application again to access postings and resources for the next academic year.

Returning students will not be required to complete the career workshop enrollment step, but a second 1:1 resume and cover letter review is strongly recommended.

I’m a DAN Management student. Can I apply to both SSIP and the DAN Management Internship Program?

Many DAN Management students are successful in finding an internship through the SSIP (short-term) after their second year, and go on to complete a long-term internship under the DAN Management Internship Program.

Postings in the DAN Management Internship Program portal are specific to the areas of specialization offered in a BMOS degree (e.g. Accounting), and are available to students in their third year of study. Please review program information here.

DAN Management students are not eligible to enroll in SSIP’s long-term option.

Can I enroll in other courses during my internship work term?

Students wishing to enroll in additional courses while out on internship must receive approval. Please email socscintern@uwo.ca with your request (course code and session type), which will be reviewed by the Associate Dean (Undergraduate).

To be considered, students are expected to have academic average of 75% or higher and describe their time management plan.

Students who receive approval are typically permitted to take one additional 0.5 credit per work term.

Can I apply to jobs outside of the Western Connect internship portal?

Yes. Please review the “Arranging Your Own Internship (Short-term)” section for more detail. 

Are stipend or honorarium-based roles considered paid roles?

No, all positions approved for the internship program must offer a minimum wage  ($14.25/hour) or higher. The average Social Science internship salary in 2021 was $19.72/hour ($41,017/year).

Where do I find internship postings for my program?

Once your application has been approved, you will have access to internship postings in Western Connect that are specific to the Social Science program. These postings can be found here:

Screenshot of where to apply for your internship posting

How do I apply to positions?

Detailed application instructions are listed at the bottom of each position on the Western Connect INTERNSHIP/CO-OP JOBS tab listed under “Application Information.” Please read this section carefully for each posting.

Screenshot of internship application information

Applications must be submitted through one of three ways: Employer Website, Western Connect, or Employer Email. You may track your submitted applications via Employer Website or Employer Email in Western Connect by selecting "I intend to apply for this position" on the posting. These positions will now appear in your “Applied To” menu.

When will positions be posted?

Positions are posted throughout the year and there are no set deadlines for employers to post. See Recruitment Schedule for more detail.

Do I have to submit a resume, cover letter and transcript with every application?

It is standard practice to include both a resume and cover letter with every application.

Uploading a transcript is not necessary unless specifically requested by the employer under “Application Documents Required” on the internship posting (i.e. Courses and Grades).

Screenshot of application information requirements for internships

Where can I find a copy of my transcript?

Most employers are willing to accept a PDF copy of your Unofficial Transcript, which is available for download on Student Center.

Screenshot of where to download Unofficial Transcript in Student Center

Official transcript letters may be requested through the Office of the Registrar (https://www.registrar.uwo.ca/services/transcripts.html).