Overview & Benefits of Short-term Internship

What is short-term internship?

A short-term internship is designed to assist students in finding quality paid work experience during their degree. The duration of the internship is 10 weeks to four months - from May to August, September – December, or Jan - April.

Students may not take any academic courses during their internship work term without special permission. Most students seek summer internship work terms so that they may continue with full-time studies in Fall and Winter terms. If you are interested in a Fall or Winter internship, please review further detail in the FAQs section.

Who can participate?

See Eligibility Criteria

What is the enrollment process?

  • Submit your application of interest between August 24 - October 19th, 2022 on Western Connect
  • Internship information sessions are available annually in the Fall Term.
  • A resume workshop and assignment will be required of all approved participants. See Application Process for more detail.

What are the costs?

  • You pay a program fee and are enrolled in a 0.5 credit upon receiving an internship offer.
  • The fee is $500 per work term, which covers your course tuition.

Why should you participate?

  • Gain hands-on experience related to your academic program
  • Develop marketable skills employers are looking for in new recruits
  • Clarify your career goals and objectives
  • Earn a salary to help offset the cost of tuition
  • Build a professional network with employers and professionals in your field of interest
  • A short-term internship after your second year of your degree may provide you with an opportunity to pursue a long-term internship with the same employer between your second last and last year of studies
  • Many employers view internship work terms as an opportunity to assess candidates for future full-time positions after graduation

What does an employer expect?

  • Motivated and enthusiastic students
  • Clear, neat and organized resumes
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ethical and professional judgment
  • Responsible and accountable student employees