Things to Consider

Additional Courses

Students may not take any academic courses during the internship work term, unless granted special permission by the Associate Dean (Undergraduate), Faculty of Social Science. Only those students with a cumulative average of at least 75% should apply for special permission.

Please email the SSIP Experiential Learning Coordinator at with your request (course code and session type), which will be reviewed and submitted to the Associate Dean (Undergraduate) for consideration.

A maximum 0.5 additional course credits while out on full-time internship will be considered.

Fall / Winter Short-term Internships

If you are interested in completing an internship in Fall or Winter, please note that you are not permitted to take additional course work without special permission (see above). Thus, completing a Fall or Winter internship work term will likely impact your graduation timeline, and you will be required to drop your courses by the term add/drop date.

We strongly recommend that you meet with a Department Academic Advisor to discuss your degree plan (e.g. expected graduation date, course availability, etc.), and, if applicable, consult with the Financial Aid regarding impact to your OSAP status.

Fourth-year interns

Completing the 0.5 internship credit in the summer term of your fourth year may have an impact on your graduation date. Your PAS/FAI grade will be processed in September and we will submit in time for fall adjudication.

OSAP Eligibility

If you are enrolled in the internship course (0.5 academic credit) and other coursework (maximum 0.5 additional course credit while out on full-time internship), please contact to be connected with a Financial Aid Officer to review funding eligibility.

*Must be OSAP-eligible; visit OSAP for eligibility requirements.

Out-of-province students should contact their provincial lender for funding inquiries.