Program Deliverables & Fees

Note: Program deliverables and fees only apply to students who receive an internship offer. There are no academic penalties or fees for students who do not receive an offer.

Program Deliverables

After you receive a valid internship offer, you will be enrolled in SS 3995A/B/Y, a 0.5 credit that is graded on a PAS/FAI basis.

To earn your credit, you will complete the following deliverables:

  • Contract signing / Orientation call – Meet with Experiential Learning Coordinator to sign a program contract and review the course enrollment process
  • Mid-point Check-In Assessment – To be completed approximately six to eight weeks after the start of the work term.
  • Employer Evaluation - To be completed just prior to completion of the work term.
  • Final Assignment – Option to complete a technical report, video report or blog article reflection. Further details will be provided via Course Outline upon enrollment.

The SSIP Experiential Learning Coordinator will be in contact with you while you are on internship, to keep you informed of important dates and deadlines. Please make sure to check your Western e-mail account regularly.


The Fee structure will be finalized soon. Check back for details.